The jpoc wine guide
Red Bordeaux 1996
All of the wines listed here were found in various French supermarkets for around 20 Francs per bottle. With the exception of the Rabouchet, they were all just one or two years old when bought and they were then stashed away in my cellar until I opened then from 2000 onwards.

This type of wine can often be drunk when it is first bought but it will generally improve if stored well for a few years.

The Rabouchet was 5 years old when I found it in a branch of Super U and it was certainly ready to drink.

Chateau de Rabouchet A bargain found in a French Supermarket
Chateau Du Grand Puch One of my favourite minor chateau clarets!
Chateau Cazeau Good value Claret
Chateau Mayne Pargade Good colour & taste.
Chateau La Croix Merlin Rich and full.
Chateau Darmagnac Couecou Rich with an appealing aroma
Chateau Haut Gaillardet Not the best but scrummy
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