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Red Bordeaux 1999
Welcome to the jpoc 1999 Bordeaux page. The wines here were bought in France and Germany and drunk at between 2 and 6 years old.
Chateau Amalthee 1999 Shows just how good a minor chateau claret can be.
Chateau Haut Truquet 1999 Another bargain Bordeaux from the Plus in Germany
Chateau Les Planquettes 1999 Disappointing, don't waste your money.
Chateau La Fontaine Saint-Justin 1999 An enjoyable claret but a little overpriced
Chateau La Croix Saint-Pierre 1999 Special
Chateau Lagrave 1999 Best red Bordeaux below DeM10
Chateau Toutigeac 1999 Overpriced
Chateau Les Lesques 1999 Best red Bordeaux below DeM7
Chateau Marqueleau 1999 Overpriced and best forgotten
Chateau des Trois Moulins 1999 Not recommended
Chateau Les Tourelles 1999 Not bad but at the price, you can do better
Chateau Tour Clanet 1999 Musty taste, a poor choice
Chateau Chenu-Lafitte 1999 What on earth went wrong in Bordeaux Superieur this year?
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