Chateau de Bessanes 2000
Utter filth. Three and a half Euro and I had to pour it away! I've never tasted rat poison so I'm speculating, but that is how I'd describe the aftertaste of this wine.

I'd not even try to cook with it as it would taint the taste of the food. So, what had gone wrong with it? I'm guessing that the cork was tainted with a fungal infection when the wine was bottled. (The top half of the cork was hard, the bottom half was very soft and when I broke the two parts apart, there was a dry brown powder in the interface.) Now, you might say that I should try another bottle but the fact is that problems like that are not random factors. It is poor technique and quality control. Cut corners and expenditure on the corks and you get second best or worse. Nobody gets another go at poisoning jpoc.

Wine rating 2/10. Value rating -4

Chateau de Bessanes 2000
Appellation Bordeaux Superieur Controlee
Bottled by E.B. Ambares, France
Euro3.57 from Tengelmann in Germany in February 2002
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