Chateau Grand Plantier 2000
It is always nice when the contents of a bottle taste exactly as you would have hoped. So, you get a fresh, minor chateau claret with the kudis of a "Grand Vin" title and it's not at all bad.

The label on the back claims that the wine had an aroma of blackcurrents and green peppers but that was lost on my nose. The wine had a good body with a lovely smooth texture that just begs to be rolled around the mouth. It has a very full satisfying taste too. The colour is good, a deep rich red. All in all a good way to spend five marks on a bottle of wine.

Wine rating 5/10. Value rating +1


Chateau Grand Plantier 2000

Grand vin de Bordeaux

Appellation Bordeaux Controlee

Bottled by SAT A.F. France

DeM4.99 from Lidl in Germany
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