Chateau Mounan Barbet 2000
This wine is the sibling of a group of minor Chateau Bordeaux sold in Germany by the Plus supermarket chain. Distinguished by a slightly different label and an odd shaped bottle, and introduced at DeM5.99, this is one of the cheapest wines in Germany to carry a "Grand vin de Bordeaux" tag. It is worth the tag and so gets our vote as the best Bordeaux below DeM7.

The wine is rather lighter overall than most of the lower priced range tending more towards the style of a St.Emilion which is of course no bad thing. If I had paid ten Marks for this wine, then I would have thought that I had got my mony's worth so that makes it a bargain.

Wine rating 7/10. Value rating +1


Chateau Mounan Barbet 2000
Appellation Bordeaux Superieur Controlee
Grand Vin de Bordeaux
Bottled by C.D.L. Landiras France
DeM4.99 From Plus in Germany
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