Chateau De Pellegrine 2000
This was very nice indeed. The bottler, which markets the output of several Chateaux has done their usual fair job and produced an honest wine at a very good price. Wines from this bottler were previously sold at DeM4.99 a bottle and they are now on sale at one mark less which is a good thing indeed.

It has a nice deep red colour and the sort of "roll it around your mouth" taste that is one of the greatest appeals of claret. There is no great aroma but this is as good as way to spend four marks on a bottle of wine than any other that I know right now.

Wine rating 6/10. Value rating +1


Chateau De Pellegrine 2000

Appellation Bordeaux Controlee

Bottled by Union Vincole Bordeaux France

DeM3.99 From Plus in Germany
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