Chateau d'Archambeau 2004
Now this was more like it. Most of the time, I am disappointed by the occasional specials that Plus carry for their wine section but this is an exception. It is the first one that will have me going back for some more bottles. On your nose, and in your mouth this wine delivers a luscious mix of red berries and green peppers along with the light delicate texture that you would hope to find with this appellation.

At four years, it is certainly ready to drink but if you can restrain yourself - and if you have the right facilities - I would expect it to improve over another year or so.

One other important note, this wine definitely needs to be allowed to breath for an hour at least - but you would expect that of a Graves.

Mmmmmm, I'll definitely pick up another couple of bottles in the morning.

Wine rating 7/10. Value rating: slightly above average

Chateau d'Archambeau 2004
Appellation Graves Controlee
Grand Vin de Bordeaux
Bottled at the Chateau
Euro 7.99 from Plus in Germany in December 2008.
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