Chateau Reysson 2005
I have tried two bottles of this wine, the second was substantially better than the first. Because the two were so different, I am writing a composite review here.

The first bottle, which came from Karstadt was a disappointment. I enjoyed it but that is all that I can say it was a 5/10 middle of the road red wine.

The second came from Rewe, my supermarket on the corner and that one earned its keep - just. It was dark in colour and slightly woody to taste with a full well rounded body and texture and a plummy/dark berry flavour. The good bottle certainly earned its 7/10 and fair value rating - I just wish that I knew how to pick the good one out in the shop.

Wine rating 6/10. Value: below average

Chateau Reysson 2005
Appellation Haut Medoc Controlee
Cru Bourgeois Superieur
Bottled at the Chateau
Euro 8.99 from Karstadt or Rewe in Germany in January 2009.
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