The jpoc wine guide
Red Bordeaux 2005
Welcome to the jpoc 2005 Bordeaux page. The wines here were bought in France and Germany to be drunk at between 2 and 6 years old.
Chateau Maillard 2005 Worth about half what we paid
Chateau Bel Air 2005 Basic but honest
Chateau l`Eglise 2005 Top value
Cour du Roy 2005 Corduroy - well I've got the trousers
Chateau Reysson 2005 Rather hit and miss
Bordeaux 2005 Kressmann Duo Mmmm, for the money, a delightful Cab Sav Merlot blend
Chateau Grand Bouquey 2005 Disappointing wine, dreadful value
Chateau Blaignan 2005 Must try harder
Chateau Haut Litays 2005 Good wine, decent value
Chateau Les Vergnes 2005 Almost worth what we paid for it
Chateau Peymouton 2005 Overpriced
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