Chateau Les Martineaux 2006
Bordeaux Superieur wines - or at least the ones that we have been buying have been having a poor run of late so it is good to see one that bucks the trend.
This wine has a lovely light fruity feel to it. Not the sort of immature feel that you would evpect from a Beaujolais en Primeur but fully mature and rounded. As you might expect, that goes with mostly red berry flavours and aromas and having the right balance of acids and tannins, it also invites you to roll it around the mouth and enjoy the aftertaste.
Certainly a good choice and it was close to getting a higher score from me.
Wine rating 5/10. Value: fair
Chateau Les Martineaux 2006
Appellation Bordeaux Superieur
Bottled by GCF, Petersbach, France
Euros 3.99 from Tengelmann in Germany in December 2008.
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