Chateau Tour Negrier 2006
Right here we go, a Cru Bourgeois Medoc - jpoc must have something good to say about this one right?

Well, the best that I can say is this - if this wine had been just a little better, I would have considered it for cooking but certainly not for drinking.

As it was, I poured it down the sink. What was wrong? Well, without a lab analysis, I cannot be definititive but I would hazard a guess that the off tastes and slimy texture were the result of a bacterial infection.

Now the wine industry will tell you that wine is a living product and it is inevitable that there will on occasion be a problem that just could not have been avoided.

I`ll point out the wine is a food product and we do not let other food producers get away with such lapses.

Wine rating 2/10. Value: as festeringly rotten as this wine

Chateau Tour Negrier 2006
Appellation Medoc Controlee
Grand Vin de Bordeaux
Cru Bourgeois
Bottled in Landiras, France
Euro 4.59 from Hit in Germany in July 2008.
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