Chateau Bisseron Bouquey 2006
Wow, here we go, a St Emilion Grand Cru for less than eight Euros! This was on special offer in Plus this month (Oct 2008) so I gave it a try.

Disappointment city I'm afraid. It was OK in so much as you could drink it but but it was a let down for a St. E and also for the eight Euros. Dark, full boodied, bland and flat tasting, I guess that I bought two and a half Euros worth of wine and five and half of label.

Wine rating 4/10. Value rating very poor.

Chateau Bisseron Bouquey 2006
Appellation Saint Emilion Grand Cru Controlee
Grand Vin de Bordeaux
Bottled at the Chateau
Euro 7.99 from Plus in Germany in Oct 2008.
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