The jpoc wine guide
Red Bordeaux 2006
Welcome to the jpoc 2006 Bordeaux page. The wines here were bought in France and Germany to be drunk at between 2 and 6 years old.
Chateau Grand Bouquey 2006 Disappointing wine, dreadful value
Chateau Bel Air 2006 Good choice
Chateau Chenu-Lafitte 2006 Poor value but drinkable
Chateau Les Martineaux 2006 Good one
Chateau Pey la Tour 2006 Fresh and fruity
Chateau Sissan 2006 Almost - but not quite worth the money
Chateau Bisseron Bouquey 2006 Disappointing wine, dreadful value
GCF Bordeaux 2006 Basic but OK
Cour du Roy 2006 Corduroy - well I've got the trousers
Chateau Tour Negrier 2006 Rotten to the last drop
Chateau La Monge 2006 A bit of a let down
Chateau Haut Litays 2006 Good wine, decent value
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