El Tiempo Cabernet Sauvignon Valle Central Chile 2001

This is a rarity in German supermarkets. A wine bottled in Chile. Most such wine is shipped in bulk and bottled in Europe. It costs more to ship wine that is already bottled and so the key question is: does this wine justify the extra cost over the significantly cheaper wines that are bottled closer to the point of sale?

The most obvious comparison is with the Los Chaclos wine also available in the same stores. Both are from the Valle Centrale region and both are made from the Cabernet Sauvignon variety. They are different, the cheaper wine has a heavier and also slightly rougher texture as well as having not such a prominent aroma. But, I for one, enjoy it just as much so this wine does not justify its extra price.

Wine rating 5/10. Value rating -1

The details:
Euro2.99 from the Plus in Germany in June 2003.

El Tiempo Cabernet Sauvignon Valle Central Chile 2001

Bottled by Fray Leon S.A. Isla de Maipo, Chile

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