Los Chaclos Merlot Valle Central Chile 2002
In the past, the Los Chaclos wine that was on sale in Germany's Plus chain was all made from the Cabernet Sauvignon grape. Now, we get to see what they make of the Merlot variety. Most growers make something lighter and fruitier with Merlot grapes but this wine follows the Los Chaclos style of being a solid, heavy textured dreadnaught. This is not a wine to suit all palates and, while I like it, I would not offer it to most of my friends.

If you like the darker end of the red spectrum then you should give this a go but it you prefer a light fruity style, you will most likely not enjoy this. I have given a rating for this wine for those who like the style. I do at least though, I have to say, the cheaper Cabernet Sauvignon is at least as good.

Wine rating 6/10. Value rating 0

The details:
Euro2.79 from the Plus in Germany in August 2003.

Los Chaclos Merlot Valle Central Chile 2002

Bottled by G.C.F Petersbach France

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