Andes Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 Valle Central, Chile
Help, they are trying to poison me, At the very least they are trying to give me a bad tummy.

Enough acid to etch glass and a secondary fermentation that was almost enough to blow the cork out mean that this was a bottle of poisonous filth.

The water with which I had to rinse my mouth out was a better drink than this wine which made me fear for, if not my health, then at least the shiney white gloss on my teeth.

They should be ashamed and there should be a Geneva convention outlawing this grade of wine. On the other hand, I expect it is quite good if you need to remove the rust from a wrought iron garden gate.

I'd use it for cooking but only if I really didn't like the person who was going to do the eating.

It's gone down the drain and I'm just praying that it doesn't try to come back.

Wine rating 1/10. Value: wretched

The details:
Euro 1.99 from the Hit in Germany in November 2008.

Andes Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 Valle Central, Chile

Bottled by - who cares, if you found out you might try to do them harm.

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