Chateau de Ventenac 1998 Minervois

Well, this wine was, quite frankly masquerading as a Bordeaux. It was in a Bordeaux style bottle with a similarly styled label and a "Chateau" name.

So, I was interested to see how it compared to a low priced Bordeaux.

The answer was that it compared favourably. It was better than some real Bordeaux sold for an extra mark per bottle so you cannot say fairer than that.

It managed to taste a little like a Bordeaux too!

Wine rating 6/10. Value rating +1.

Maria's rating:

"We should buy another bottle later"

The details:

Chateau de Ventenac 1998 Minervois, Appellation Minervois Controlee

DeM3.98 from Marktkauf in Germany.
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