Domaine Saint Francois 1999 Merlot Pays D'OC
Although it is made from the same grapes, this is a very different type of wine from the Merlots that are commonly available from Italy. We found that this was a much more subtle wine. It still had the bright colour of a Merlot but there was a greater depth to the flavour and texture of the wine.

It was dryer than is normal with Italian Merlot and it had quite a bit more character. Like other Merlots, it has the advantage that it can be drunk right away and does not need time to breath.

Wine rating 6/10. Value rating +1

The details:

Domaine Saint Francois 1999 Merlot
Vin De Pays D'OC
Bottled by Les Producteurs Reunis, Arzens, France
FrF12.95 From Super U in France (June 2001)
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