Beaujolais Villages 2000
Beaujolais Villages 2000
I was very disappointed with the 1999 vintage from this source and I noted that this was not a wine that I would recommend. When the 2000 vintage appeared, I tried a bottle just to see how things had progressed.

On a positive note, this wine is better than the 1999. However, the improvement is still not enough to have me give it the thumbs up.

This wine, made from the Gamay grape variety, has an acceptable body and a nice fruity taste but it is still a too little acid to be really enjoyable. The bottler knows how to make a good wine. Check out their 2000 Languedoc rather than this one.

Wine rating 5/10. Value rating -1

The details:
Beaujolais Villages 2000
Appelation Beaujolais Villages Controlee
Bottled by Celestin Planchon
DeM4.99 from Plus throughout Germany.
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