Heritage Du Rhone 2000
It is probably a marketing ploy rather than anything else but a number of bottlers of wine from the Rhone valley sell their wine in numbered bottles under a "heritage" mark. Ploy or not, in this case, the wine in the bottle is good indeed.

Wine from this part of France does not have the deep subtlty of a wine from Bordeaux but that aside, this was one of the nicest wines that we have tried recently and certainly we have had nothing better for this price.

The wine has a nice fruity taste and a lovely smooth rounded texture with an aftertaste that just bathes the inside of the mouth.

For the price, it is spectacularly good and I am under strong instructions from Maria to bring back more when I next visit France.

Wine rating 8/10. Value rating +2

The details:

Heritage Du Rhone 2000

Appelation Cotes du Rhone Controlee

Bottled by Castel Freres, France

FrF19.95 from Super U all over France

DeM6.99 from Eurospar in Germany

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