Beaujolais Primeur 2001
This was the third of the new crop of Beaujolais that we tried in 2001 and it was the first that I didn't to finish. Basically this wine was far too acid and it had no real redeeming points. I suppose that it is hard for a shop to select a Beaujolais Primeur because schedules probably mean that they do not have an opportunity to actually evaluate the wines before placing their orders.

Better luck next time chaps but I certainly hope that Eurospar do not buy from this source again.

Wine rating 3/10. Value rating -2

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The details:

Beaujolais Primeur 2001 Ch.Rousseau
Appelation Beaujolais Controlee
Bottled by G.C.F. AF Petersbach
DeM3.49 from Eurospar throughout Germany.