Roc d`Entraigues Cotes du Rhone 2007
I picked up a grab bag of wines from budget store Norma and this was the most expensive of the lot so I had some hopes for it. I was let down.

A clean, dark berry and woody aroma held out some promise but in the mouth it was more wooden than woody and while drinkable, I`d rather use it for cooking.

There is a note on the bottle to the effect that this wine can be cellared for 2-3 years but people do not buy wine from Norma in order to stick it in a cellar.

Wine rating 4/10. Value: poor

The details:
Euros 3.79 from the Norma in Germany in December 2008.
Roc d`Entraigues Cotes du Rhone 2007
Appellation Cotes de Rhone Controlee
Bottled in France
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