Edelzwicker Vin d'Alsace
Well, we don't do a lot of white here at Chateau jpoque but we were having "fish on friday" so I was doing my baked Salmon. I have other ways of cooking this fish that will stand a red wine but this is a delicate recipe and it needs a dry white wine.

I was not really looking for something from Alsace but that was about all that they had in the chosen shop so that was what I bought.

White wine never has the deep subtlety of red and the best that you can hope for is a decent slurp without any nasty yeasty or acidic side effects. Well, this one did the business. The price was OK and the whole bottle was appreciated so I guess that is a good score.

Maria Rating: I like it but we prefer red.

Wine rating 6/10. Value +1.

The details:

Vin d'Alsace, DeM4.99 for a litre from Marktkauf all over Germany.

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