Beaujolais Claude Mercier

It is quite hard to find a decent bottle of Beaujolais on a budget in Germany and this wine was a little better than most but it still left me feeling that I would have done better with a Cotes du Rhone or a Chianti for the same money.

The wine does have a strong clear taste from the Gamay grapes and there is enough acid to keep it from being flat but there is still a trace of the mustiness that is common in Beaujolais sold in Germany. I have never encountered it when buying this wine in France.

My advice is that if you are in Tengelmann, you should give this wine a miss and go for their Cotes du Rhone bottled by Celestin Planchon.

Wine rating 6/10. Value rating +2

The details:
Beaujolais Claude Mercier
DeM5.49 from Tengelmann in Germany
Appellation Beaujolais Controlee
Bottled by Claude Mercier
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