Barbera D'Asti 1999
We enjoyed this dry red wine and, while it does not make regular appearances on our table, it is a pleasing way to ring the changes.

It has a good body and a smooth texture and there is an unusual taste that I can only describe as a little like the smell of burnt charcoal. It sounds weird but it's not bad.

Asti is one of the best known areas in the Piedmont region of Italy. It's best known of course for the sparkling Asti Spumante, but the Barbera grape is widely grown in the whole Piedmont region.

Wine rating 5/10. Value rating 0

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The details:
S.Aprile Barbera D'Asti 1999 DOC

Bottled by Vinicolo Di Lozzolo

DeM3.79 from Lidl in Germany