Villa Girasole Merlot Veneto 1999

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We really liked the last wine of this style that we bought from Marktkauf and, after it was sold out, we were a little disappointed. So, as soon as I spotted this wine in a big end of aisle display, I scooped up a couple of bottles. For the price, this is unbeatable and it is good that, despite the poor showing by some other Italian reds from 1999, this wine is jolly good.

It has a rich, darkly coloured appearance and a full body to match. A good taste too. Very fresh with that all important "yes please I'll have another glass" quality.

Wine rating 6/10. Value rating +2
The details:

DeM2.99 from Marktkauf in Germany.

Villa Girasole Merlot del Veneto 1999 Indicazione Geografica Tipica Italy
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