Bardolinno Classico 2000
Bardolino wine comes from the North Eastern area of Italy. The wines from here are OK rather than spectacular and they need to be drunk while they are young.

This wine has a pleasing, light fruity taste. It is a little acid but that is balanced by the presence of a fair texture. In taste, it is somewhere between a Chianti and a Merlot de Veneto.

Peronally, I prefer the Chianti which is in the same shop for the same price or the Montepulciano d'Abruzzo again from Plus but for a mark less. However, if you are in the habit of sampling the budget end of the Italian wine shelves then this is an acceptable way to ring the changes.

Wine rating 5/10. Value 0.
The details:
Bardolinno Classico 2000 DOC

DeM3.99 from Plus in Germany

Bottled by RO.VI.DA, Ronca Italy.
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