2000 Ca'Vive Merlot Del Veneto
This wine is half way between the light, semi dry mainstream Italian Veneto style and the heavier French style from Pays d'Oc. It was a happy middle point and all the better for it. It has more character than the lighter styles and it is better balanced even than many minor Chateau Bordeaux wines.

It is not a wine that will drive you wild with delight but it has certainly earned a place in our bin of standby wines that are always in the kitchen.

Wine rating 6/10. Value rating +1

The details:
2000 Ca'Vive Merlot Del Veneto
Indicazione Geografica Tipica
Bottle by MA S.P.A. Castello Roganzuelo Italy
DeM3.49 from Penny Markt in Germany.
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