2000 Le Altane Merlot Delle Venezie
When we opened the bottle, there was an immediate fruity aroma. This was not something that we had noticed with the 1999. This was also a little more acid than last year's wine and so a little worse for that. A nice fruity taste and a good body and after taste made up for that and so we rate this overall as the same as the 1999 but the problem is that it is still poor value for money when you can pay forty percent less for a minor Chateau Bordeax and get a wine that is similar in style but also rather better.

Wine rating 5/10. Value rating -2

The details:
2000 Le Altane Merlot Delle Venezie
Indicazione Geografica Tipica
Bottle by Lamberti s.c.a.r.l. Pastrengo Italy
DeM5.99 from the Plus in Germany.
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