Merlot 2003 Grave del Friuli
With the exception of a few "en primeur" releases this is the first 2003 wine that I tried.

It didn't taste any better prepared than some vin de pays that I tried in October. Perhaps the North East of Italy did not experience quite such hot weather as France.

OK, I have got the moan out of the way so what can I say about the wine? It is dark in colour but, everything else is dominated by a strongly astringent nature. It almost seems to want to avoid wetting the inside of your mouth. There is perhaps a slight blackcurrant taste but mostly it is just anaoymous. Perhaps it has too much tannin. Whatever, I cannot really recommend this wine.

Wine rating 4/10. Value rating -1

The details:
Merlot 2003 Grave del Friuli DOC

Bottled by C.V. Vazzola Italy

Euro2.49 from the Plus in Germany in April 2004.

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