Chianti 1999
This poisonous filth is but one step removed from a biohazard rating.

It is not even fit to be used for cooking.

It would make a good present for people you do not like.

It is a disgrace to the name Chianti and makes a mockery of the fact that a DOCG mark is supposed to carry a guarantee of quality.

It is the second wine that I have bought from Roller and, while the first was merely a disappointment, this one taught me a lesson. While I shall continue to buy my bookcases from them, Roller will never again sell me a bottle of wine.

Wine rating 2/10. Value -3

The details:

Chianti 1999 DOCG

Bottled by C.F.F.s.r.l. (Certaldo) priced DeM4 from Roller throughout Germany.
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