2000 Chianti D.O.C.G. Colli Fiorentini
We liked this wine. It had a nice fruity aroma and taste and a smooth texture. It cost DeM1 less that the 1999 but also, it was not quite as appealing. When the '99 was on the shelves, it cost two marks more the the 1999 Colli Senesi and it was just about worth the extra. The Colli Senesi is still sitting on the shelf next to this wine and it is just as good. So, the 2000 Colli Fiorentini does not do enough to earn the extra money and you should buy the Senesi instead.

Wine rating 6/10. Value rating 0

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The details:
DeM5.99 from the Marktkauf in Germany.

2000 Chianti Colli Fiorentini D.O.C.G.

Bottled by Coli S.p.A. Italy