2000 Montana Cabernet Merlot

The most obvious point to make about this wine is that you have probably never tasted anything like it before.

This is a dark, full bodied wine that tastes a lot more Cabernet than Merlot. The biggest influence in the taste of the wine comes from the oak barrels in which it is matured. It has a strong dark woody taste with some hint of blackberry.

I find this wine smooth and satisfying but the strong oak influence may not be to everyone's taste.

This is one of the most widely available New Zealand wines in Germany and I recommend that you try it once because you may like it a lot.

Rating 7/10 Value 0

The details:

Montana Cabernet Merlot 2000
Bottled by Montana Wines, Blenheim, New Zealand
Euro 7.89 from Marktkauf in Germany in January 2004
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