2001 Montana Cabernet Merlot

This wine does not often show up in Germany so I was delighted to spot a small number of bottles in Marktkauf when I was doing my Christmas shoopping.

Of course, I bought their entire stock. Unlike the Merlot Cab Sav that is easy to find, this wine is a little darker and heavier thanks to the preponderance of Cabernet grapes and also because it is matured in oak barrels to give a deliciously woody tang.

It takes longer to mature than its cousin but as Marktkauf were selling it at six years old, it was ready to drink when I bought it.

If only I could find some more.

Rating 8/10 Value Good

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The details:
Montana Cabernet Merlot 2001
Bottled by Montana Wines, Auckland, New Zealand
Euro 9.99 from Marktkauf in Germany in December 2007