2002 Montana Pinot Noir

I like this a lot. In Germany, I have only ever seen this wine in a very large branch of the Edeka chain. Smaller branches do not stock it and nor do stockists who carry other Montana wines.

Like Montana's Cabernet Merlot, this is a dark, full bodied wine though there end the similarities. This wine has a very smooth plummy, blackberry taste and an appealing smooth aroma that makes you want to take a large mouthfull.

Personally, I rank this wine as highly as the Cabernet Merlot though I suspect that this wine will have a wider appeal than its brother.

Rating: 7/10 Value: Fair

The details:
Montana Pinot Noir 2002
Bottled by Montana Wines, Blenheim, New Zealand
Around Euro 7.50 from Edeka in Germany in November 2005
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