2003 Montana Merlot Cabernet
This was the first wine from Montana Wines that we found with a screw cap and not a cork. That certainly didn't seem to detract from the wine though I note that one chain that used to stock this wine did not carry any Montana wines after the switch away from corks.

When it first went on sale, it was not really quite ready and was just a shade acid but by early 2006 it had come good and by June in 2006 it was good indeed.

It's a little lighter and not so heavily wooded as was the Cabernet Merlot that was imported into Germany from the 2002 vintage. Nonetheless, it is as creamy and smooth as you would expect from Montana with all of the technical aspects in balance. There is a slight woody taste to go along with the blackberry hints.

Rating 7/10 Value good - highly recommended

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The details:
Montana Merlot Cabernet 2003
Bottled by Montana Wines, Blenheim, New Zealand
Euro 7.99 from Marktkauf and Edeka in Germany in January 2006