JPOC's guide to buying wine in the Norma supermarket in Germany

Norma is at the low price, limited choice end of the range of German supermarkets. Accordingly, it carries a restricted seection of wines but it is worthwhile because it does offer some decent wines at good prices.

I do not think that you would ever want to make a special trip there but if you are close by, it is handy to know that you can actually get something jolly drinkable.

This is the newest entrant into my guides by supermarket so, for now, it is a little sparse. Don't worry though, I shall be adding a lot more soon.

Reds (Top choices first)
Wine Comments Price in Euro Awards
Buzet Merlot Cabernet 2006 Another cracker from Norma 1.79 Best French Red in store
New World Chile Cabernet Sauvignon Valle Central 2007 Surprisingly good 1.79 Best cheapie in store
New World Western Cape Pinotage 2007 Anonymous but OK for the money 2.29
Roc d`Entraigues Cotes du Rhone 2007 A bit of a let down 3.79
Chianti Gheppio 2007 Does what`s expected 2.49
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