JPOC's guide to buying wine in the Plus supermarket in Germany

Plus is one of the most widespread supermarket chains in Germany. Wherever I have lived or worked, there has been one in the neighbourhood. The main strength of their wine department is at the budget end. Many other shops have a far wider range and you will rarely see anything over ten marks a bottle in the Plus but, in my experience, at the lower end of the price range, they simply cannot be beaten.

It is unusual to encounter a below par wine and I have never found something really bad. That is better than any of the other supermarket wine departments in Germany.

They sell wine from most parts of the world that produce it.

Below, you will see a selection of the wine that you can currently buy from this shop along with my comments and ratings.

Red wines
Wine Comments Price in Euro Awards
Chateau d'Archambeau 2004 More of this one please 7.99 Best wine in store
Talisman Cabernet Sauvignon Pinotage 2007 Can't complain - much 1.99
GCF Bordeaux 2007 Budget plonk that earns its money 1.79 Best cheapie in the shop
Vino Nobile de Montelulciano 2005 Loggia delle Sassaie Overpriced but drinkable 5.99
Chianti la Tosca 2007 OK for the bargain basement 2.29
La Cara Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 Valle Central, Chile Not recommended 1.79
2007 Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Basic but fair 1.99
Chateau Bisseron Bouquey 2006 Disappointing wine, dreadful value 7.99
La Terre Merlot 2003 Vin de Pays d'Oc 2003 was great even for lesser French wines 1.49 Top Choice
El Tiempo Cabernet Sauvignon 2002 The 2002 Los Chaclos Cabernet Sauvignon is at least as good. 2.99
Grave del Friuli 2003 Merlot Unimpressive 2.49 Poor value
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