Formula one, 2001 season Spanish Grand Prix at Barcelona: Off track developments the jpoc guide

Shortly before the race, F1 lost another former driver. Michele Alboreto was killed in a testing accident with his Audi Sportscar at the Lausitzring in Germany. Alboreto, a GP winner for both Ferrari and Tyrrell was killed when his Audi R8 hit the barriers and rolled.

Alboreto came second to Alain Prost in the 1985 F1 series and he was one of the few Italian drivers to win races with was is effectively the country's national team.

Also, we finally had confirmation that the commercial future of F1 seems to have settled down. SLEC, the organisation that currently owns the commercial right to F1 has agreed the terms for the payment for the rights for the next 100 years.

Two of the three loose ends concerning the commercial future of F1 are now wrapped up. As well as the long term ownership of the rights themselves, the future of SLEC, the trust that owns those rights sees to be more secure now that the German media group Kirch appears to have effective control over 75% of the organisation. The one remaining issue lies between Kirch and the major motor manufacturers that now play such a key role in the financing of the sport itself.

Kirch has big interests in pay TV and the manufacturers are concerned about the possibility that F1 will disappear from free to air channels. Since Kirch/SLEC and the manufacturers need each other, it would take a major foul up to prevent this last point from being resolved.

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