Formula one, 2001 season Spanish Grand Prix at Barcelona: Practice and Qualifying the jpoc guide

This was pretty well business as usual. The world champion was on pole with the two McLarens behind him. Ralf was on the third row and his Williams team mate Jean Pablo "still trying to get the hang of qualifying" Montoya, all the way back on row six.

Hakkinen and the Williams duo were among those unhappy with their traction control systems and they both turned it off at times.

Michael Schumacher gained pole despite running fewer laps than his rivals. The reason was to economise on tyres so that he would have more sets of unused tyres come raceday. This was not to work out so well.

Further back down the grid, there were few surprises. De la Rosa was a long way behind Irvine which must have left Jaguar hoping that their new boy would soon get back into the swing of things. Burti, De la Rosa's predecessor at Jaguar, was doing rather better. He actually qualified ahead of Prost team mate Alesi which will have pleased Alain Prost.

The Benettons continued their nightmare form with the dire new engine leaving them 19th and 21st on the grid. As usual at the team, last year's boy wonder Jenson "overhyped and useless" Button was slower than Fisichella.

Coulthard, third on the grid, was reported to have warned that there would be problems at the start as some drivers would have problems with the new launch control systems. Nice prediction DC!

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