Formula one, 2001 season Canadian Grand Prix at Montreal: Setting the scene the jpoc guide
Jaguar, Prost and Benneton, the three teams that took new aerodynamic packages to Monaco and prospered as a result were all looking to more of the same as they made their preparations for the race in Canada. Of course, Monaco is always a bit of a lottery but these teams will be hoping that they will be able to repeat their form at the circuit Gilles Villeneuve. No doubt all three teams would also hope for some more power from their engines all of which are a considerable way behind the currently acknowledged BMW king of the hill. Benneton had been promised a development of the currently bottom of the barrel Renault unit but it would not be ready for Canada and even when it did appear, it would not even close one third of the gap to the sport's top engine.

Another team hoping for an improvement in form were Williams. Their drivers had made fourteen race starts before the Canadian race but they had achieved only three finishes. The team's pace was not in doubt. They had achieved a race win and a second place and when they had retired, it was often from a position at or close to the head of the field. They went to Canada hoping for a better showing. A lot of the retirements had been down to driver error but even if you discounted that the cars had a less than fifty percent finishing rate just on mechanical grounds. It seemed likely that even if the drivers had not had their crashes, the cars would still have let them down on many of those occasions.

On the subject of mechanical problems: McLaren driver David Coulthard went into the Montreal race determined to continue using the team's launch control system. The system had failed Coulthard in two thirds of the race starts that he had made sine the system was introduced when driver aids were re-legalised for the Spanish race onwards. Would it do better in Canada? Up to this point in the season, the McLaren system had yet to get both drivers away together and if the pattern repeated, Mika Hakkinen was due to fail to start the Canadian race because of a fresh glitch in the system.

Ferrari had one new development to take to Canada. This was a revised engine management system which would reduce the fuel burnt on the overrun while the car slows under braking. One advantage that McLaren had early in 2001 was that they could go further on a tankful of fuel. In part this was because they had designed the car with a slightly larger fuel tank but also, the Mercedes engine had a significantly lower fuel consumption than Ferrari

On the driver front, there were rumours over the future of Minardi man Tarso Marques with the team reportedly trying to woo Czech F3000 ace Tomas Enge to the team. Nothing was agreed though and so the immediate threat to Marques position was removed. Meanwhile over at jordan, Heinz-Harald Frentzen was suffering from the after effects of his high speed shunt at the tunnel in Monte Carlo. Riccardo Zonta, the teams test driver was taking the German's place at the test sessions before the Canadian race and doubts hung over the identity of Trulli's team mate for the weekend.

Harking back to the incident in which brain fade and Haug won F1F-wit awards for laying into Bernoldi for doing his job as a racing driver, Michael Schumacher spoke out in favour of the Arrows driver. I could not say if the world champion was speaking his mind or giving a bit of needle to the McLaren men but I agreed with his every word on this subject. Schumacher said that Bernoldio was entitled to drive as he did and that there were rules about defending your position and that, as Bernoldi did not break those rules, he should not be criticised.

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