JPOC's guide to living and working in Germany

In the last thirteen years, I have spent more time living and working in Germany than in any other country. Here I wish to offer some general hints and tips on life in Germany. I am aiming this at people who will be living and working in Germany for extended periods of time. So, this is not really a guide for tourists or those on short business trips.

I will be adding to this area on a regular basis, perhaps for the rest of my life so, you have been warned!

I think that the sections for red tape and getting an apartment are complete and the health care pages are doing nicely. Over the coming days, I'll be adding to the sections about driving and taxation. Then will come the big one. Can you use your UK limited company while you work in Germany?

Meet people in Germany
Join German Friend Finder - largest German Personals Community!
Red Tape
Caveat Emptor Living in the grey
Freedom of Movement EU & EEA rules on the freedom of movement
Registering Your first encounter with German red tape
Aufenhaltserlaubnis You need one of these, find out what it is and how you get it!
Tourist Visa How to get a visa for a visitor who needs one for Germany
Marriage How to marry in Germany
Fiancee Visa Part 1 Do they exist or not?
Fiancee Visa Part 2 OK, they exist (sort of) so this is how to get one!
Papers Carry them with you at all times!
Voting You are allowed to vote here if you are an EU national.
Practical stuff
Driving All about driving in Germany
Apartments A place to live!
Rubbish How to throw things away!
Trains Geting about on Germany's rail system
Racism Problem or not?
Health Care Doctors and Insurance
German TV What do the Germans watch?
Public Holidays A guide to public holidays in Germany
Pharmacies Pharmacies in Germany
Crossing the street Nothing is simple in Germany
Wiring and Plugs Domestic Electicity
UK Electrical Goods Using your UK electrical appliances in Germany
US Electrical Goods Using your US electrical appliances in Germany
Emergency Phone Numbers In case of emergency, who do you call?
Women's refuges Where to turn if you are woman suffering from domestic violence
Modems Hooking up your analogue Modem.
Plumbing German Plumbing.
UK TV sets in Germany All about using a British standard TV set in Germany
German shops All about shops in Germany
Weather and Climate in Germany It can get very cold in the winter
Fun Stuff
British Stuff Especially for the British!
My Guidebooks Notes about places that I know in Germany
Wine My favourite wines in German shops right now!
Blue Stilton Where to buy the King of Cheeses in Germany.
Customer Service German shops are notorious for poor service. Here is a great example.
More On Customer Service Here is another example from an onliune computer store. Marvel at how they avoid answering a simple question!
BottledWater Bottled Water in Germany
Working in Germany
UK tax How are you affected by UK tax?
Taxation In Germany Something about the German tax system
How should you work when overseas? Freelance, agency employee, management company, umbrella company.

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