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These are some of the books that I have read recently. It is a pretty eclectic, some would say random, selection.

I make no promises about what will appear next but you can see my tastes below.

If you want to recommend a book to me because you think that it will appeal to my taste then please send me an email.

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Recent reviews (latest at the bottom)
Eric Brown: The Timelapsed Man Some of the eighties' best SF shorts.
Burning Chrome Brilliant cyber-punk short stories.
Reese & Bird: Divine Intervention More from the Monks of St.Titus
David Bird: The Abbot and the Sensational Squeeze More from the Monks of St.Titus
David Bird: The Bridge Adventures of Robin Hood The Abbot books are better
David Bird: Robin Hood's Bridge Memoirs Not recommended
Ron Klinger & David Bird: Kosher Bridge Jewish Bridge humour
David Bird: All Hands On Deck Bridge humour set on a cruise ship
Lance Armstrong and Sally Jenkins: It's not About the Bike World cycling champion, cancer survivor and three times Tour de France winner.
Willy Voet: Breaking the Chain Shocking revelations about drug taking in professional cycling
Eric Frank Russell: Like Nothing on Earth Some funny and some serious tales.
Joachim Tisal: The GSM Network A reasonable book spoiled by a grotesque translation.
Aeleen Frisch: Essential System Administration Essential is the word
Gardner Dozois & Jack Dann: Armageddons Some good stuff but some filler
Gardner Dozois & Jack Dann: Space Soldiers Several good stories and one absolute gem
Eric Brown: Blue Shifting Falls short of the standard set by The Timelapsed Man.
Gardner Dozois & Jack Dann: Future War Not a bad bunch of stories
Gardner Dozois & Jack Dann: Aliens Among Us Too much filler
Gardner Dozois & Jack Dann: Genometry One of the better anthologies in the series.
David Hartwell: Year's Best SF 2 At least half a dozen "must read" stories.
David Hartwell: Year's Best SF 5 Missed the mark.
David Garnett: Zenith (weak) SF with a British slant
David Garnett: Zenith 2 Better than volume one but still the last in the series
David Hartwell: Year's Best SF A good start to the series
Reviews by category
Science Fiction Spacemen, aliens etc!
Aviation Those magnificent men in their flying machines!
Relationships etc All that Mars Venus stuff
Humour Giggle
Physics E=mc squared!
Computing Comms, unix, programming etc
Biography Biographies of interesting people
Money All about your wad
History In days of old when knights were bold
Bridge My favourite card game
Cars Lotus, sport and more
Cookery Essential guides in the kitchen
Children Books for children
All time favourites!
Harlan Ellison: Deathbird Stories A powerful collection of short stories.
Bruce Sterling: Globalhead A fine collection.
Gardner Dozois: Nanotech Minute robots where you least expect them!
Rufus Heald: Rufus Remembers My favourite aviation book
Deke Leonard: Rhinos, Winos & Lunatics the legend of Man a rock'n'roll band
Noel Malcolm: Kosovo a Short History Definitive history of a troubled region
Professor Sid Watkins: Life at the Limit The Formula One Doctor Speaks!
Raymond Briggs: When the Wind Blows A moving tale about nuclear war.
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