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Here is the Cross Reference Section of all of the Short Stories that are reviewed on my site. You can look up the authors alphabetically from the selections below.

You will notice that some authors have their own page and others are lumped together. This is because I do not want to maintain a separate page for each author especially as I will eventually cover short stories by hundreds of different authors many of whom will be featured for just one or two items.

In the case of authors for whom I have, or expect to have a number of story reviews, I have created separate pages.

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Aldiss, Brian W.:"An Apollo Asteroid"Year's Best SF 5
Aldiss, Brian W.:"Days in the Life of a Galactic Empire"Zenith
Aldiss, Brian W.:"The Eye Opener"The Best of Interzone
Asimov, Isaac:"Gold"The New Hugo Winners V4
Baker, Scott:"The Jamesburg Incubus"Alien Sex
Ballard, J.G.:"The Message Fom Mars"The Best of Interzone
Barton, William:"Down in the Dark"Armageddons
Barton, William:"In Saturn Time"Year's Best SF
Barton, William:"Soldiers Home"Space Soldiers
Baxter, Stephen:all stories cross reference page
Bayley, Barrington J.:"Death Ship"Zenith
Bayley, Barrington J.:"The Worms of Hess"Interzone magazine No.160
Bear, Greg:"Blood Music"Nanotech
Beckett, Chris:"Snapshots of Apirania"Interzone magazine No.160
Beckett, Chris:"The Welfare Man"The Best of Interzone
Beckett, Chris:"Valour"Year's Best SF 5
Benford, Gregory:"A Desperate Calculus"Armageddons
Benford, Gregory:"A Worm in the Well"Year's Best SF
Benford, Gregory:"Zoomers"Year's Best SF 2
Bishop, Michael:"Secrets of the Alien Reliquary"Year's Best SF 5
Bisson, Terry:"In the Upper Room"Year's Best SF 2
Bisson, Terry:"Macs"Year's Best SF 5
Bling, Jojo:"The Pill"Zenith 2
Bradfield, Scott:"The Queen of the Apocalypse"Off Limits
Brin, David:"The Giving Plague"Interzone, the third Anthology
Brown, Eric:all stories cross reference page
Brown, Molly:"Bad Timing"The Best of Interzone
Brunner, John:"Good With Rice"Genometry
Brunner, John:"Thinkertoy"Year's Best SF 2
Bryant, Edward:"Dancing Chickens"Alien Sex
Byrne, Eugene:"Cyril the Cyberpig"The Best of Interzone
Cadigan, Pat:"Angel"Aliens Among Us
Cadigan, Pat:"Roadside Rescue"Alien Sex
Calder, Richard:"The Allure"The Best of Interzone
Coldsmith, Sherry:"The Lucifer of Blue"Off Limits
Constantine, Storm:"The Pleasure Giver Taken"Zenith
Constantine, Storm:"The Time She Became"Zenith 2
Cowper, Richard:"A Message to the King of Brobdingnag"Armageddons
Daniel, Tony:"A Dry, Quiet War"Future War
Danzig, Allan:"The Great Nebraska Sea"Armageddons
Davidson, Avram:"Full Chicken Richness"Timegates
Davidson, Avram:"Or All the Seas with Oysters"Aliens Among Us
Delany, Samuel R:"Aye, and Gomorrah"Off Limits
Di Filippo, Paul:"World Wars II"The Best of Interzone
Di Fillipo, Paul:"Any Major Dude"Nanotech
Dick, Philip K.:"Expendable"Aliens Among Us
Dick, Phillip K.:"Second Variety"Future War
Disch, Thomas:"The Man Who Read a Book"The Best of Interzone
Doctorow, Cory:"Visit the Sins"Year's Best SF 5
Dozois, Gardner:"A Special Kind of Morning"Future War
Dozois, Gardner:"The Peacemaker"Armageddons
Duchamp, L.Timmel:"Motherhood, Etc."Aliens Among Us
Dunn, J.R.:"The Other Shore"Genometry
Dunyach, Jean-Claude:"Orchids in the Night"Interzone magazine No.160
Egan, Greg:"Axiomatic"Nanotech
Egan, Greg:"Border Guards"Year's Best SF 5
Egan, Greg:"Chaff"Genometry
Egan, Greg:"Mitochondrial Eve"The Best of Interzone
Egan, Greg:"The Extra"Clones
Ellison, Harlan:all stories cross reference page
Esaias, Timons:"Norbert and the System"The Best of Interzone
Evans, Christopher:"The Bridge"Zenith

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