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Welcome to the motoring section of my web site.

I felt a little intimidated starting this part of the site because I want so much of it. There will be a lot here eventually and it is certainly one part of the site that will grow and grow.

I'm going to write about many things and I hope that you will find something to interest you. My greatest passion regarding cars is Lotus, the company originally founded by the late Colin Chapman. But, I'm interested in many other areas from motorsport through to the polictics of the global auto industry.

If you look at the sections below, you will see what I have already written about cars and you will get some idea of what will come in the future. I've started the sections on the cars that I have owned with an introduction to Barney, my first car.

Road Tests
About my road tests What goes into a jpoc road test?
Ford Focus Estate Fundamentals good, details bad!
Mercedes A class Well, it didn't actually fall over. But....
Astra Caravan Can we have a fuel tank in the next one please?
VW Lupo Teeny weeny car from VW
Fiat Punto A jpoc road test
Vectra Estate A jpoc road test
Astra Hatchback A jpoc road test
Fiat Marea Weekend A jpoc brief road test
Renault Laguna Estate A jpoc brief road test
Analysis and comment
The Rover affair What a mess!
What BMW wanted What did BMW want in the first place?
Land Rover Why did BMW decide to sell Land Rover?
The EU car sales block exemption. We are still being ripped off.
Other Stuff
Motoring books All of my Motoring book reviews
Rental companies
Sixt Your best bet for renting in Germany.
Europcar As useful as a chocolate teapot.
Driving abroad
Germany Driving in Germany
Cars that I have owned
My cars An introduction to the cars of jpoc
BAR308F My first car, a Mk1 Ford Escort 1300GT
Micky the Mexico My second car, another Mk1 Escort.
Spot the Sport My third car, another RWD Escort.
C155PAV a Vauxhall Nova My first ever FWD car.
Toyota Celica Brakes A tale about a garage that tried to rip me off.
Soon, you will be able to read about two more Escorts and two Celicas. Plus two Europas, a Vauxhall Nova a Mercedes C Class and an old Honda. One of these cars did me proud for over a quarter of a million miles! It was not the Benz.
Here, will be my guide to the worlds most innovative and exciting car company.
Other marques
Other car firms about which I have something to say
Bits and pieces of automobile technology
The automobile industry
Making cars is one of the most significant industrial activities of the last century. Even now, in the era of the internet and the chip, it is still a massive global business.
The importance of the industry and the impact that cars have on the world mean that they are central to much political activity.
Formula 1
The pinnacle of motorsport.

Soon, you can read here about:
The drivers: great champions, race winners and plucky losers.
The teams: the great teams, the missing names (great and not so great teams that are no longer with us) and the strugglers.
The circuits.
Great championships.
Great races and much more.
The 2001 GP season Background to the year's GP racing season.
The 2002 GP season All about the year's GP racing season.
Overtaking in F1 The F1 establishment do not want overtaking.
2000 German GP jpoc's day at the races.
After the 2001 San Marino GP How are things looking after the season's first four races.
Other motorsport
Sports cars, saloons, rallying and all that strange stuff that they get up to in the US!
Home My home page